Monday, 8 May 2017

Games marketing

You need to come up with at least 1 individual marketing text each within your production groups, but most of you should aim to produce more.

You will be presenting your games and marketing on a stall at the final KS3 assembly, possibly creating materials such as this...

There are many things you can do ...

  • magazine ad
  • poster
  • game cover
  • TV ad
  • merchandise:
    • tee-shirts
    • badges
    • pens
    • mugs
    • toys
    • board game
    • mouse mat ... and many more!
  • downloadable content:
    • wallpapers
    • ringtones
  • YouTube channel content:
    • game walkthroughs
    • interview with game creator/s
  • tie-ins
    • cereal packet
    • soft drink bottle/can
    • sweet/chocolate wrappers etc!
  • UGC/fan art
  • just some suggestions! See PowerPoint below for some examples

SOME USEFUL SITES (may be blocked in school for games topic)
GETANDROIDSTUFF Android games for girls (but useful examples of marketing for children generally)


Some videos on advertising to children

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