Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Yr7 Independent Learning September-October

In addition to the general work we do in lessons you have some independent work to undertake and to hand in by Friday 26th October, the last day before the half-term holidays. You hand it in by saving it in the the hand-in folder within the curriculum share folder/ICT. (Y:\ICT\Hand-in)

Your task is to plan and write a letter - see https://hslg11.capita-cso.co.uk/schools/IGS/SLG/Students/CurriculumAreas/ICT/KS3IndependentLearning/Year%207/default.aspx for details (log in to SLG and go through students, curriculum areas, ICT, KS3 Independent Learning)
You will need to download the documents there.
You also complete the Autumn1 section of the learning log.
Don't leave it to the last minute!

The PowerPoint document with instructions can be viewed below, but make sure you download all the documents you need (you can also access these through an IndLng folder within the ICT folder on the curriculum share folder).

Year 7 Term 1

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