Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Yr8 Independent Learning September-October

THE TASK: Create a guide to using the audio software Audacity to show someone new to it how to use it
'INDEPENDENT LEARNING'?: You work on this outside of lesson time (at home or lunchtime for example)
WHERE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS: You can find information below, but you must download the two documents from the SLG or save from the curric share folder: instructions and a document to write in.
WHAT DO I PRODUCE: You pick the software: PowerPoint, Photostory, iMovie - all of these and more would work well. You also complete the Autumn1 section of the learning log.
CAN I SEE AN EXAMPLE: Yes - scroll down!
DEADLINE? WHERE DO I HAND IT IN? Before your last lesson this half-term. Copy/paste it into the hand-in folder on the curriculum share drive, looking for the folder for your teacher and class.

In addition to the general work we do in lessons you have some independent work to undertake and to hand in by Friday 26th October, the last day before the half-term holidays. You hand it in by saving it in the the hand-in folder within the curriculum share folder/ICT. (Y:\ICT\Hand-in)
Your task is to create a user guide for Audacity - see https://hslg11.capita-cso.co.uk/schools/IGS/SLG/Students/CurriculumAreas/ICT/KS3IndependentLearning/Year%208/default.aspx for details (log in to SLG and go through students, curriculum areas, ICT, KS3 Independent Learning)
You will need to download the documents there.

Don't leave it to the last minute!

Here's an example of what you might do: Matthew Cook (8LO) has produced a PowerPoint with a nice background, clear and specific instructions, and screenshots to help readers to follow his instructions. The sample below is not Matthew's full guide, just a few slides to give you an idea. Remember too that you can also create video work and use other software besides PowerPoint.
How to Use Audacity Matthew Cook Sample Only

WHAT IS AUDACITY? - Its a piece of software which you can download and use for free ('freeware'), used by millions of people for recording and editing audio, eg for creating podcasts.
MY LAPTOP/COMPUTER IS A MAC/LINUX... - This software is designed to work on all the common operating systems, so you will find a version that will work on your computer.
Screenshot of the Audacity website.
I DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER AT HOME... - Audacity is installed on the school computers, so you can do your independent work task while at school!
HOW/WHERE DO I HAND IT IN? - Check that each file is saved with a clear file name: YourName Audacity Guide (eg, Joe Smith Audacity Guide). Copy and paste into the Hand-in folder on the curriculum share folder (Y:\ICT\Hand-in)
WHAT DO I NEED TO INCLUDE? - Read the instructions included in the PowerPoint file you can download from the SLG (see above); you can also read this document below but remember there are TWO documents to download. You also complete the Autumn1 section of the learning log.
WHERE DO I FIND AUDACITY? - The link for their website is included in the PowerPoint file, though remember you can access it on the school computers. This is the link: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/.

Year 8 Term1

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