Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Yr7: DTP2 Creating a Menu

For this task you will be applying the Publisher tools we looked at in the previous lesson:
  • opening a document
  • changing the page setup from the default portrait to landscape
  • adding text
  • making text box borders visible (+ selecting colour)
  • adding WordArt
  • inserting + resizing images
  • cropping images
  • grouping and ungrouping objects
  • changing the order of objects, eg sending an image to back sets it as your document background
  • using the taskbar to change the background
You can use some of the screenshots below to help refresh your memory! EXTENSION: You could also find a long document with instructions on many other aspects of Publisher here (right-click to save, Ctrl+click to open in a new window/tab).
We will be creating a menu for your Come Dine With Me dinner party, in a booklet (an A4 landscape document split in two).
First we'll create a list of what goes into a good menu - we can use some of these examples to help with this.

  1. Note the features of a good menu
  2. List your 3-course menu (starter, main, dessert - if you want to extend yourself you could add vegetarian options!)
  3. Find + save (or copy/paste into your document) photos for each course
  4. Set up a new landscape A4 blank document
  5. Set it to 2 columns (see the screenshot below!) - splitting your page creates two panels. (Alternatively we could try some of the brochure entries from the new document section of the task pane)
  6. Insert another page (so you have 4 panels to work with; if you don't you only have 2 panels to work with)
  7. Pick a background - and apply it to both pages!
  8. Use some scrap paper to roughly sketch out/list what will go on each panel
  9. Design the front panel
  10. Check off the key features as you do them: cover page (the invite, a pic of your home [any house will do]), menu (each course with photo/s), map + directions to your house, dress code or theme, arrival/start time etc)
Photos of the food, a nice cover?
Again, photos of the food feature!
7ADM suggested the following should feature in a good menu for your Come Dine With me evening:

  • the 3 courses
  • key ingredients of each course (+ if something like a curry, the type of curry)
  • any accompaniments (eg rice, potatoes [roast, boiled, mashed etc], salad)
  • vegetarian alternatives could be given
  • info on whether nuts, dairy or gluten has been used for allergy sufferers
  • pictures of the food
  • funny names might be given, eg Colin's Curry or Larry's Lasagne
  • cola, fruit juice, blends etc
  • no need to use your actual address, any Ilkley street address would do
  • use GoogleMaps to create a map (take a screenshot using the Capture programme: START - ALL PROGRAMS - ACCESSORIES)
  • there is often a theme (eg the 1950s, Disney characters etc) or a dress code (eg black tie, evening wear, ... Disney characters/fancy dress! etc)
  • you could illustrate this with a picture
  • although the programme wouldn't, you could also add contact details if you wish - though with e-safety in mind, again don't use your actual contact details!
More detail/choices on this, but note the nice logo + contact details!
Pic of the place, nice subheadings - but this wouldn't work in a one-fold brochure!
You can find other examples by googling something such as 'dinner party menu'.

Here's some reminders of how to access certain Publisher tools:


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